There is an infinitely small number of good free names. For example, there are more than 100,000 building companies in the world. Apparently, all of them would like to have a nice original name. However, 90 percent of ‘building’ brands use five or six core words, for instance, construction, development, building.

Proficient naming is one of the most complicated elements of a brand development. An active vocabulary of an average person rarely exceeds 10,000 words. Considering demands of authenticity, euphony, and such an important thing as graphics of a word, only about 2,000 nouns are able to become a brand. If we take each category separately, for example, food products, there is even a smaller number. One of way outs is thought to be derivative naming: due to a limited amount of affixes or compounding two or three words, an original name emerges. However, a number of such constructions is limited as well. To be honest, we see the one and only way out of the situation: to look ahead and develop names for further registration today. Are you running a snack line? Think about other products which will be included into your price. Are you going to register a new call rate? What are other services of the mobile network operator, which need branding?